Myopia Control

Helping to maintain better vision

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, is increasingly common among children and tends to worsen over time. Even mild cases during childhood can develop into severe myopia in adulthood, leading to the need for thick glasses and an increased risk of eye diseases. Fortunately, there is a viable solution to slow down myopia progression through myopia control or management therapy. Timely intervention plays a crucial role in preserving your child’s distance vision and reducing the likelihood of escalating prescriptions. Our experienced doctors have been providing effective myopia control treatments for years.

Our Myopia Control Methods

Overnight Hard Contact Lenses

A rigid gas permeable lens that is worn overnight while sleeping. Allows patients to be glasses free and contact lens free during the day.

Daily Soft Contact Lenses

A soft lens that is worn in the daytime. Daily disposables means no cleaning is necessary.

Specialty Glasses

A specialty glasses lens that is worn in the daytime. Worn just like regular glasses, which your child is already familiar with.

Eye Drops

A low dose anticholinergic medication used once before bedtime. Easy for parents to manage.

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