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Eye exams provide accurate contact lens prescriptions

We recognize the uniqueness of each individual’s eyes and the crucial role that well-fitted contact lenses play in optimizing both vision and overall eye health. Our dedicated optometrists invest time in understanding your specific requirements and preferences, taking into account factors like prescription strength, eye shape, and lifestyle to determine the ideal contact lens option for you.

If you’re new to wearing contact lenses, our experienced staff will provide comprehensive training on proper insertion and removal techniques, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience. We are deeply committed to equipping you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to effectively care for your contact lenses. Trust us to prioritize your vision and eye care needs, and let us guide you towards the perfect contact lens solution.

We offer a variety of Contact Lens Brands

Speciality Contact Lenses

Scleral Lenses

Larger contact lenses that rest on the sclera instead of the cornea. These lenses provide improved vision correction, comfort, and stability. They are ideal for individuals with dry eyes, sensitive corneas, astigmatism, keratoconus, corneal irregularities, and post-surgical vision issues. With their expertise in scleral lenses, New Vision Optical offers customized visual solutions for optimal eye health and well-being.

Myopia Lenses

A cutting-edge solution aimed at managing and slowing down the progression of myopia in children and young individuals. These specialized lenses utilize advanced optical designs and technologies to help control the development of nearsightedness. Myopia control lenses work by reshaping the way light enters the eye, which can help reduce the elongation of the eyeball that leads to progressive myopia.

RGP Gas Permeable lenses

A type of contact lens that offers exceptional vision correction and comfort. RGP lenses are made of durable materials that allow oxygen to pass through the lens to the cornea, maintaining a healthy and well-oxygenated environment for the eyes. These lenses provide excellent visual clarity, especially for individuals with astigmatism or irregular corneas.

Bifocal lens

A remarkable solution for individuals who require vision correction for both distance and near vision. Bifocal contact lenses feature distinct optical zones within the lens, allowing for clear vision at different distances without the need for multiple pairs of glasses. These lenses are designed to address presbyopia, a common age-related condition that affects the eye’s ability to focus on close objects.

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